We deliver results.

The only way to go from good to better is to step out of your comfort zone. That's why we accompany our customers as a challenging partner from strategy to implementation.

Shaping your future based on clear goals.

To turn visions into reality, tangible objectives are needed – and a partner who helps to achieve them. From strategy to operations: We identify your transformation needs to achieve your goals and create future capability.

ZELOS is a partner and trailblazer for the digital future of your company.

40+ consulting
20% annual
15 years
market presence
10+ years continuous
engagement with top 5 clients

Complex goals need individual and innovative solutions.

Our clear focus enables us to offer individual solutions that are optimised both in terms of information technology and business processes specific to the industry.


Add value for patients and reduce costs and complexity - by promoting innovation in all areas.

Financial Services

With a focus on IT and compliance, we help banks and insurance companies to optimise everything that counts in this industry: customer value, time and costs.


New value creation for the energy and utilities industry - with IT and digital strategies, sourcing and operational excellence.


Combined industry, digital and IT expertise to creatively solve complex strategic challenges.

Digital Services

Automation, machine learning, advanced analytics, design thinking - we turn buzzwords into powerful benefits.


We stand at your side when things get critical - and create a full-potential transformation to prevent it get that far in the first place.

Performance Improvement

Our services range from targeted solutions for measuring performance to controlling complex transformation programmes.


Smart Sourcing is key - from supply model development to disruptive strategy in complex supply chains.

Operational Excellence

We support the implementation of your plans to reduce costs and optimise your processes.

The fastest way from consultant to becoming a ZELOSion: start now.

ZELOS is what you make of it. Thanks to our team, our experience and last but not least our customers, all possibilities are open to you. Find out what we can be and do for you.