Financial market regulation, volatile markets, intensified pressure on earnings and the internationalization of competition require banks to adjust to a process of permanent adaptation of strategic and operational business architecture. Ongoing changes in payment transactions, branch operations, financial advisory services and the use of social media are driving the industry considerably and challenge the traditional IT-service-structures. In this dynamic environment, outsourcing is an important tool for reducing operational risks in core businesses and to conserve regulatory capital. The decision about which parts of the value-chain a bank should cover itself and which ones ought to be covered by professional IT service-providers, is considered a strategic success factor for the banking industry.

We support our customers not only in the KWG and MaRisk- compliant contracts in the outsourcing of IT and business processes, but also advise you with regard to an optimized power-interface and assist you through the necessary transformation towards a more service-oriented IT-control.



  • Historically-grown contractual relationship to a service provider for IT-infrastructure
  • Lack of transparency and complex processes lead to dissatisfaction on both sides

Consulting Services

  • Drafting and negotiation of contemporary contracts
  • Development of a market-oriented and transparent pricing-model
  • Simplifying the processes for contracting, billing and service management
  • Optimizing the performance section between customer and service provider
  • Accompaniment of the transition phase to the implementation of the new contracts- and price models


  • Comprehensive “renovation” of the contractual relationship and continued cooperation
  • Standardization of services allows reduced costs and thereby significant savings for the customer
  • Feasibility studies and audits of shifts in IT-infrastructure, application management and business-process-environment
  • Optimization of business models and operational value-chains
  • Design and implementation of product- and process-cost-based allocation in the IT-environment
  • Preparation of contracts for the planned outsourcing of the operation and infrastructure of the Bank
  • Accompanied by due-diligence and contract negotiations