Performance Management

IT is a cross-sectional area which is essential to a company`s business processes. IT-services and IT-costs, however, should always be proportionate to each other, withstand benchmarks and be plannable. In order to adjust IT-services to the individual requirements of the customer within budget constraints, adequate approaches for analysis and management are required. We have many years of experience in the development of performance measurement systems and control instruments in the IT sector, and bring our knowledge of IT performance into your projects. We assist you in developing the concept for analysis and control of IT, by optimizing your current systems and implementing existing concepts.

The adaptability of enterprises is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. Depending on the specific business requirements, IT-Services must be tailored and flexibly adjusted into the vertical integration of your business, whilst following the costs-by-cause principle. Our systematically structured model for IT service-catalogues makes that possible. IT-services are translated into well-known business services that can be benchmarked and cost efficiently optimized.

Just a few companies have management tools in place that allow an optimization of the cost -effectiveness of IT. The basis for performance management of a company`s IT is on-hand, well-structured and reasonably detailed operating figures. For the successful implementation of controlling- and performance-metrics, management tools have to be interleaved with organizational structures and managers’ incentive schemes. We are experts in the related questions and help you to define performance metrics and establish a broadly shared understanding of control.